The event will be held at:
Strandgade 91
1401 Copenhagen, Denmark
17th of January 2020
9:00 AM

The Government of Greenland

Would like to invite you to participate in the public reveal
of new water- and ice exploitation sites for tender in 2020.
All sites are situated on the west coaast of Greenland and have been investigated by the scientific body:
the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.
Their findings and reports will be presented by the scientists themselves at the event.

The Government of Greenland

Come join us to hear more about the exiting opportunities for doing business in Greenland.
Meet experts and existing consession holders to get a firsthand experience of the possibilities for investment and operations in an area where you get access to the largest freshwater reservoir in the northern hemisphere and drinking water of exceptional taste and purity.

Please send you registration to no later than January 6th 2020 stating the number of participants and their names as well as your company/organization. The sooner you send your registration the better as seating can be limited


9:00 AM – Minister for Industry, Energy and Research

“Ice and Water – a growth sector”

9:15 AM – Ministry of Industry, Energy and Research

“New ice and water supply tendering procedure – new opportunities”

9:30 AM – Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

“Launch of the new tendering round – Where are the sites and what volumes are there?”

Coffee Break

11:00 AM – Ministry of Industry, Energy and Research

“How do I apply for one of the new sites?”

11:30 AM – Ice and water companies with licences in Greenland

“Current and upcoming ice and water projects in Greenland”

12:00 PM – B2B meetings with the licence holders and producers of Greenland ice and water

“Standing buffet – Tasting of pure water from Greenland”