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Ice & Water Resources in Greenland

Invest in the world's biggest water reservoir

The Greenland ice cap has an estimated volume of 1.7 million km3 and a large number of outlet glaciets extend from the ice cap to the Davis Strait. The most well-known of these is the Ilulissat Glacier. It is one of the fastest and most active glaciers in the world, creating dramatic and breath-taking scenery of ice and sea. It produces 10 % of all Greenland's ice fields, corresponding to around 35 billion tons of ice a year.

Since 2005, Greenland Home Rule has invested resources in the development of a new industry: Exploitation of Greenlands's large and unique resources of ice and water.

Greenland Home Rule has carried out preliminary investigations. Samples has been taken from glaciers, springs, lakes and rivers. The results of this investigation is introduced under  "Ice and Water Data".

Two million years of history in a bottle

The ice cap was formed two million years ago in lush, mountainous woodland. Since then, there have been warm periods in which some of the ice has melted but it never disappeered altogether. Thus, the ice fields of Greenland's glaciers are products of the ice cap, formed form fresh water which has fallen as snow over the past 100.000  years. 

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